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Niels Shoe Meulman
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NSM at 941 Geary, (by Colin M Day) San Francisco 2012

Sweeping Beauty II, (by Adele Renault) Singapore 2012
Sweeping Beauty I: Fading Beauty, Singapore 2012
Happy Unbirthday, Auckland NZ
Off Canvas
(official short film by Petter Eldin), Beijing 2011
Upside Down Tour, (Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore) promo video
Off Canvas (unofficial), Beijing 2011
At the Bernard Shaw – speedup, Dublin 2011
Anti, Heerlen 2011
Calligraffiti Deck Chairs, Amsterdam 2011
Calligraffiti Throw-Ups, Los Angeles 2010
Quilling the logo, 2011
Imaginary Forces montage, Los Angeles 2011
Calligraffiti Mercedes Benz for Pink Ribbon, 2010
Nalden meets Shoe, 2010
Niels Shoe Meulman at Post BG. By Sven Super, 2007.
Calligraffiti Gardena, 2nd wall / speed up, 2007
Calligraffiti Gardena, Musicmusic version, 2007
Calligraffiti Gardena, Wild Style version, 2007
Live Calligraffiti at Typo Berlin, 2010
Let it Rain / opening Imagining Mozambique, 2009 (Dutch)
Let it Rain / Calligraffiti book release, 2010 (Dutch)
AT5, Kort Amsterdams / De smaak van de stad, October 2006 (Dutch)
State Magazine / Patta Statement, 2007 (Dutch)
Hard by LeLe, 2007.
Hard Maken, by Sandder 2007
Adobe User Group lecture, Amsterdam, March 2010 (Dutch).
Chiens d’la Casse, Paris 2009
Patta X Shoe Interview part 1, 2007
Patta X Shoe Interview part 2, 2007
Patta X Shoe Interview part 3, 2007
Patta X Shoe Interview part 4 , 2007
Shoe at Witman & Kleipool, 2007
RTL Boulevard, 2007 (Dutch)
TEDxBrussels talk, 2009
Being superior to others is nothing other than having people talk about your affairs and listening to their opinions. By Rutger Floor, 2006.
Kroonjuwelen, Hard Times, Good Times, Better Times. documentary.